Naplex Tips


How To Use The Naplex Competency Statements To Your Advantage!

When you take the Naplex exam you'll come across the Naplex competency statements.

What are they, you ask?

I'll tell you then, seeing as how you asked nicely!

Seriously - the Naplex competency statements are a summary of the level of skills and knowledge you are supposed to have arrived at prior to taking the naplex exam. Put another way - they are outlines that you should use to assess your readiness to take the exam. They are devised and set by the NABP and are under constant review - adapting and altering as needed to ensure maximum effectiveness.

They also give you a good understanding of the breakdown of the exam to each of the competencies - as they are what the actual questions within the Naplex are based on.

There are three areas that the Naplex Competency Statements cover:-

Number 1 - Assure Safe and Effective Pharmacotherapy and Optimize Therapeutic Outcomes

Number 2 - Assure Safe and Accurate Preparation and Dispensing of Medications

Number 3 - Provide Health Care Information and Promote Public Health

If you bear in mind, when revising, that these three are applied in the exam in the following strengths:-

Number 1 makes up approximately 54% of the Naplex exam, Number 2 35% and Number 3% covers the remaining 11%.

So that translates to meaning that over half the questions / scenarios you will face within the Naplex will be centered around your skill and understanding of Assuring Safe & Effective Pharmacotherapy & Optimizing Therapeutic Outcomes.

Over half !!

Gives you quite a boost on how to structure your Naplex revision plans - doesn't it?