Naplex Tips


Naplex Flashcards: You Never Know Until You've Flashed!

The Naplex flashcards, same as all flashcards, use an easy method to make studying more effective.

It's the power of vision and repetition combined. The more something is repeated to you, the more likely you are to remember it. The more something is repeated by being both seen AND heard, the more likely you are to remember  faster and easier.

Since the Naplex test has a reputation for being very difficult, using Naplex flashcards will make it easier for individuals to not only understand questions and scenarios better but it will speed up the learning / revising process. After all, when it comes to the Naplex test, you will need to gather and remember as much information as you possibly can.

This is because one never knows what kind of questions will appear at the real test, as it is so very demanding. This in turn means you'll need a good strategy for preparation, and if this is well structured, thought out and followed then success should be very easy as well.

There is the need to remember all the information, and it needs to be looming large in front of anyone as they take the test.

This is where the Naplex flashcards will come in.

Using the repetition of cycling through and reading the cards time after time will start to lodge facts and details in your memory. This is how things will become easy to study. As you flash though the cards one by one, slowly at first, read them out loud - including the answers - and keep going through.

After a short while, what you are saying out loud will start to seem familiar – facts will start to be remembered and everything starts to be easier to recall.

This is the true power of studying with flashcards – it actually works. (Remember when you were at school and had to learn a poem? How did you learn it? By reading, reading again and keeping on reading it until you remembered it! Same fro flashcards.)

Now, with the Naplex exam it's important to remember that there are a lot of main categories, which will be covered on these cards.

So picking the right cards with the right quality, writing and usability is most important.

The cards must be the right size, easy to use as they are portable, and can be looked at, in any situation. (This saves plenty of time for anyone who is preparing for the test. Most of the cards will be prepared in a way that the information will be easy to remember wherever you are using them, home, travel or out and about!)

Any Naplex flashcards that you are considering buying should have the following qualities:

  • they should be strong and durable, able to withstand being dropped, knocked and carried everywhere over a sustained period of time.
  • they should be easy to read using a soft font, nothing hard and heavy
  • they should be the right size for use – neither too large nor too small – about 3 x 4 inches really
  • they need to carry a full detailed answer, not just a one or two word solution.

Another excellent feature of flashcards is that the information can be studied in parts. Therefore, your Naplex flashcards need to cover the major categories from within the exam and be easy for you to target specific subjects and areas at your will.

To cover the major topics should be about a thousand cards, which will cover all that is needed.

My recommendation for the best Naplex flashcards to get would have to be the ones supplied by Mo Media. There are about 1034 cards in their set and they cover every major category – paying extra attention to Pharmacology as well with over 450 cards there alone!

Their flashcards are well made, sturdy and easy to use and they helped me to pass my Naplex. Don't suppose I can ask for better than that really. (They were still in such good condition after I'd finished with them that I actually sold them to a buddy for $100. Result!)