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Naplex Review - Seeing Exactly What and Where The Naplex Is


The Naplex is best described as a means by which individual State Boards of Pharmacy can evaluate and understand exactly what level of competency each applicant to be a pharmacist possesses. The Naplex is developed and maintained by the NABP and is set out to test the most important aspects of the practice of Pharmacy - as defined in the Naplex Competency Statements.

It's actually the NABP that develop, administer and score the exam. They do this in consultation and approval with the independent State Boards - giving each state a confidence that they can use the scores of each exam knowing it is based on a solid, professional application and marking system.

There is a Naplex Review Committee that is made up of pharmacy practitioners & educators from different states around the country and they approve and oversee the content and construction of the exams. In fact, some of the members of the committee provide the questions and answers used within the exam.

By utilizing the members in this way, two things are achieved. Extra confidence and familiarity in the content and build of the exam is created and secondly, the questions within the exam take on a seeming life of their own, growing and changing frequently, ensuring the exam is always up to date, current and topical.

A stipulation of the exam is that although the majority of questions are scenario based, which ensures a high degree of question relevance to every day life, no one question's incorrect answer can adversely effect those that follow. Each question is tested by the review committee to ensure that it can stand alone.

Such has been the development of the current form of naplex exam over the years that it is now viewed as the de facto standard for any means of assessment of the entry level competency of the candidate into any state boards pharmacy plan. Effectively - it has a monopoly on the testing of Pharmacy competence and the NABP don't condone the use of any other type of Naplex exam score as a basis for appointment into the pharmacists's industry!