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Naplex Study Guide: How To Guide Your Study


Finding the right Naplex study guide is very important, as it will go a long way to either helping you or hindering you in your chosen career in pharmacy.

As the study guide you choose also has to be capable of not only answering your questions but also play a role in helping you gain confidence in your own abilities – choose wisely.

But it has to be recognized that with a topic as complex and wide ranging as the Naplex – getting the right guide is imperative to your successful studying. We all know that actually having and using a study guide helps our overall performance to be much better in the actual exam.

Naturally, there will be plenty of speculation about which ones are the best guides, and which ones aren't honestly worth the money. There are plenty of common tips for study guides in general which are also applicable when it comes to finding the best study guide for the naplex exam.

When choosing the guide, you should be sure that you are picking one written by someone who knows about the industry, and most certainly by someone (or some company) who has taken the test. This makes a lot of sense - there will be plenty of guides to choose from and you need to know that the one you are going to rely on to help you through is based on practical experience of the actual exam under the exact conditions you yourself will face.... after all, you wouldn't train for your driving test by just talking to someone who has read about driving – but can't actually drive, would you??

Make sure that the naplex study guide you are considering using is totally comprehensive, covering every category of question as well as every variation of question type. It needs to be transparent with it's information, providing an explanation to each answer as well as just giving you the answer. It should cover all the compulsory exam sections, broken down by progression and should provide you with an overview of each so you are prepared even before you sit down to start the exam.

Now a comprehensive naplex study guide should also aim to guide the candidate about how the actual test has to be taken. This is vital, and only after this should the guide talk about what materials are required for the examination. With this exam being computer based and adaptive as well, candidates need – no – candidates HAVE TO understand what they will be doing and how they will be answering questions. Sitting down in front of a computer to take an exam is seriously different than sitting at a desk and turning over a piece of paper to begin. I know – I have done it myself and the first time you sit a computer exam – you are awfully distracted for the first 15 minutes as you settle down.

Most study guides should guarantee a success when it comes to the exam. They should be confident that once an individual gets through the guide, they are sure to pass the exam. Sadly, not many if any provide this back up to the quality of their goods.

Where possible, match your Naplex topical studies with the study of this adaptive kind of test. The guide that I used had a number of bonus books that came with it and they were surprisingly useful and comforting. They covered other topics that were relational about how to get your mindset right for such an exam – what to look out for in the questions that indicate a best answer and so on.

Have to say – it felt a bit like cheating but it worked, 'cos I passed so I'm not going to complain once!

You should click the link and check out the naplex study guide I used and see what you think for yourself. It's proven so it's worth your time having a look!