Naplex Tips


Taking The Naplex Exam - Part 2

Make sure you read Part 1 of this article about sitting the Naplex exam.

(Cont....) Once all this is done, your examiner will take you to your desk and settle you in. Once you are sat down you may not get up and move about unless told you can by the administrator. If you do leave the test room or test center without permission before you have completed your exam - your appointment is forfeit and you will need to re-apply to take the test. Your original fee WILL NOT be refunded.

The administrator will give you a pad and a pen as you aren't allowed to take anything of your own in to the exam area. You'll also have an on-screen, 5 function calculator to help you do addition, multiplication, division, subtraction and percentages. If you prefer, most centers can supply you with a hand held calculator instead.

If you need anything whilst taking the naplex exam raise your hand and wait for the administrator to come to you. DOn't get up and wander around, even just heading to the administrators desk - you'll lose that fee again!

The exam is 4 hours and 15 minutes long and there is a scheduled break for 10 minutes taken at the end of the second hour.

If you do need to take any other breaks during the exam which the administrator does allow - the time spent out of the room will NOT be added to your end time, it will be deducted from your 4 hours and 15 minutes! So only go if you really, really have to!

If you do go out and back in, your thumb print is the way they check you are who you should be on the way back in - and not your buddy coming to ace you through the exam instead!

Finally - do remember that this is an adaptive, computer controlled test and as such - you can't go back to redo a question. Once you've moved on, that's it. So take your time, work steady and pace yourself.

After all - 185 questions in 4 hours (minutes break and 5 minutes wasted!) equals one and a half minutes per question.

Do your studying right - and you'll breeze through it!