Naplex Tips


 Where To Find Effective NAPLEX Review Materials

For a pharmacy major, the NAPLEX will probably be the most difficult exam he or she will take. But if successful, it will open a new door towards a successful career in pharmacy.

In your NAPLEX studies, you will need to have the best review materials in order to make the pre-exam period more bearable and at the same time provide you with more chances of acing the test. According to popular opinion, you will need to study for the NAPLEX at least two months before your appointment date and you will need to spend a minimum of four hours a day. Do not cram, as you would not fit into a few days what you have learned in years of study in school.


Below are some tips on how to scout for the best review materials for NAPLEX:


  • As your preparation is comprehensive, your review materials should also be comprehensive and extensive. A combination of review guides and materials may prove to be beneficial, but do not attempt to clutter your mind with several things at the same time. Learn how to make a systematic approach to your review. The materials you should have include books, CD Roms, practice tests and flashcards.


  • Search online. Most of the materials you can use for the review are available online. All you need to have is a little research know-how in order to find the right materials over the net. There are many websites that offer review materials for NAPLEX, but look for the ones that really specialize in that particular exam as many are just general reviewers on almost every exam in the United States. Also, try to find out if the vendor or the author possesses the qualifications demanded by the NAPLEX. He or she should have passed the exam and an extensive professional background on pharmacy is surely a plus.

  • Connect to a network of NAPLEX takers and passers. This can be done through joining email groups, chat rooms or forums on NAPLEX. These places will give you an insight of what products or materials to purchase as it comes directly from end users. As they themselves have tried it and it really has no commercial value for them to broadcast in these forums, you can be sure that what they suggest actually works. Call it a network of peers or fellow NAPLEX takers, you all have one thing in common: you are going to take the exam and it will do all of you a lot of good if you share information that is useful.

  • You can also ask your school about the best materials. Your educational institution will love to see you pass the NAPLEX, for it means they have done their job well. If they have more students passing the exam, then it means more people will likely enroll and trust in their brand of education. Look for the new update on certain pharmacy issues, and try to ask your teachers to give you tips on how to ace the NAPLEX.