Naplex Tips


Naplex Flashcards - Why You Should Use Them

Remember how you were able to memorize the multiplication table in grade school? How about the various chemistry shortcuts and symbols in high school?

Odds of 10 to 1 that you did it – and did it far easier - with the help of flashcards!

I remember we always used to compete with our classmates on who would be able to say the fastest correct answer to each flashed question.

There’s something about using flashcards that aids memorization. In taking the highly difficult NAPLEX exam, flashcards makes one’s study review process just that little bit more effective.

Why is this?

Well, flashcards can engage both the visual and oral senses in the learning process. Repetitive exposure to concepts can eventually lead to imbibing them in the brain. In the case of the NAPLEX, flashcards can allow you to memorize as many pharmaceutical concepts as you can in a fairly simple and fun strategy. As one NAPLEX flashcard vendor puts it: using flashcards is “simple, effective, and fast so that you can pass your NAPLEX in a minimum of time spent preparing for it.”

This is quite true, as NAPLEX flashcards currently in the market not only contain description-information on drugs and medicines such as their brand and generic names, side effects and toxicities, usage and dosage information and contraindication, but they also contain lengthy explanations on answers specified at the back of the cards.

This saves you time on consulting pharma textbooks each time you say an incorrect answer. Flashcards are able to turn lengthy textbook content into easy, digestible bits of information such that your learning process will be easier to manage.

Flashcards cannot cover, though, everything you have learned in pharmacy school. They still aren't as comprehensive as a full review but they can allow you to memorize as much pharmacy data as possible. This boosts your confidence as it prepares you for as many questions as possible that could be asked in the NAPLEX.

If you have time on your hands, you can make or devise your own set of NAPLEX flashcards. There again, why bother – there are lots of off-the-shelf materials that you can buy.

Top Tip#1 - When buying a set, remember these guidelines:

  • Choose cards that are durable and printed on professional-quality cards. Cards whose print won’t fade away after usage or exposure to the elements
  • Go for portable designs, so that you can carry it around whenever you can.
  • Choose cards that are not heavy on technical jargon. Remember, flashcards’ aim is to allow you to review in a simple and effective manner, not make you run to the nearest library and check on pharmacy books.
  • Go for cards that use text-friendly fonts. You don’t need flashcards that will strain your eyes come NAPLEX time.
  • Choose cards that have detailed answers on the back.

Buying a set might be costly but make no mistake here - it is an investment that can guarantee a success.

Using cards can make individuals learn faster as it explains questions and different scenarios better. The NAPLEX exam gauges what you know, thus it is imperative for an examinee to remember as much information as possible.

Top Tip #2 - When you pass the exam, don’t throw those NAPLEX flashcards away. Sell them to a buddy whose turn it is to take the NAPLEX.